emiel van egdom

If there's one aspect that draws a gold line around his mastery, then it surely is the art to touch you. Emiel van Egdom let's himself be guided by his deepest incentive: passion...
Henk Schmitz, Euregion Magazine.

Emiel van Egdom; guitarist, producer, teacher, personality, autodidact, friend, human, partner, himself.
A man with many faces, but always his own.
For the people who know him he's a living legend... a wonderful diamond in the rough,
who will not be chained.

Ruud van Didden, Ruud's Music Magazine.

Live, every tune has it's very own different expressive charge...
Ton Pagen, writer/reporter, the Netherlands for JazzNews

When Emiel Van Egdom plugs in his guitar, the riffs, runs and scales that he will play will reflect the influences of his European heritage
and the stylings of America's be-bop and swing greats

Brian Arrington, reporter, NY.

Hybrid Groove: "4 stars! Emiel Jams! The tunes lay down some serious guitar jamming over a propulsive groove.
NPR, JAZZ, 52nd Street.

Promising, because his never ending road towards ultimate mastery, craftsmanship, has become a road of enjoying, keep surprising himself...
Henk Schmitz, Euregion Magazine.

"A highly talented guitarist who has demonstrated the highest levels of musical achievement"
Alma Berk, Jim Hall Jazz Award, USA

Hybrid Groove: "There's spirit in spades throughout the album"
52nd Street Jazz

'This is for You", a dream debut"
Wiel Beyer, reporter

"Pure swingin', sometimes quite and modest"
"De Limburger" on "This is for You"

Hybrid Groove: "When Emiel opens the floodgates and begins soloing, it's "no holds barred". Darn good album!"
Neil Rudish

"This is for you: van Egdom's guitar turns nasty, the feast becomes an orgy.
This is jazz with some bite!"
"Jazziz", magazine, USA, on "This is for You"

"An impressive debut from Holland born guitarist Emiel van Egdom,
his arrangements Contemporary in styling and rich in expression"
"MAC-report", magazine, USA

"Never done before by a Limburg jazzmusician."
"De Limburger"

"Festival of Giants, with Emiel van Egdom"
Emil Holman,reporter, "Limburgs Dagblad" on "JAZZMECCA JAZZFESTIVAL"

"Emiel van Egdom's contemporary compositions express his musical vision in an exciting, new way. 'This is for You' stands on its own
- a wonderful project in the jazztradition of the 90's"

Brenda Winfield P.R., USA, on "This is for You"

"Van Egdoms music: melodic and surprising in form"
"Jazzfreak", magazine

"Emiel van Egdom: Limburg jazzmusician most crowned with laurels "
"Theater Sirkel", magazine

"van Egdom: One of the first Dutch jazzmusicians to do a record in the US that is being sold all over the world"
"Jazznews", magazine

"Emiel van Egdom, a musician drippin' with talent, as a figure of speech..."
"Panoroma", magazine

"1983: The first Dutch jazzmusician to receive the prestigious 'Jim Hall-Award'"
"Jazzfreak", magazine

"Emiel van Egdom: the guitar phenomenon from Heerlen, the Netherlands"
Emil Hollman, reporter, "Limburgs Dagblad" on Jazzmecca '90

"Undoubtly: A bright, great future lies ahead of this talented musician"
"CD-news", magazine, USA, on "This is for You"

"The shining center of the jazzfestival was undoubtly Emiel van Egdom "
"De Trompetter" on Jazzfestival Hoensbroek

"Emiel van Egdom: "Slauerhoff on guitar"."
Ko de Meiere in EXIT Magazine

"Sensuality is celebrating in almost all his work."
G.D., reporter "De Morgen", on "CLUES"

"A project with the allure of an expensive wine"
Rudy Collier, reporter, "De Standaard" on "CLUES"

"Jazzguitarist Emiel van Egdom silences his audience ! "
"Limburgs Dagblad"

"Emiel van Egdom deals with his music critically.
He's a perfectionist who wants to deliver quality work."

Dirk van Dellen: "Blues, Ballads and Beat", magazine

Composer Emiel van Egdom: "The jazz keeps coming back as virtuoso sounds, like a hitting, direct and un-romantic comment on the violence of war...."
Christien Boer, reporter, "TONEEL theatraal", magazine on Theaterplay "VLUCHTEN"

"What makes "HYBRID GROOVE " so special is that what is offered here is totally unique and selfwilled..."
Mick Boskamp in "EUROJAZZ", magazine

" Un-Dutch good.... The only thing we could mutter after 12 tunes rumbled over us"
Mick Boskamp, reporter, reviewer on the prerelease of "HYBRID GROOVE".

"Recent Joy: Emiel van Egdom's latest CD."
Frans Malschaert, Artist in "Limburgs Dagblad",
Article Feature " The Taste Off........." on "HYBRID GROOVE"

"Contemporary Jazz is the label that fits van Egdom's music, with fusion of a lot of energetic guitar playing of course!"
"Attent", magazine on "CLUES" and "HYBRID GROOVE"

"The titels are chosen well because here and there you'll need a key to get access to this crossing of Jazzelements"
Jempie Welkenhuizen, reporter on "CLUES" and "HYBRID GROOVE"

"Famed jazzmusician van Egdom had his improvisations drawn by Bosschaert"
"Panorama", magazine on "CLUES"

"Van Egdom takes ev'rything out of the closet to show that he can not only give a CD such a name, but can also live up to it."

"Van Egdom's HYBRID GROOVE: after 5 CD's, a consistent step ev'ry time, divergent music and still he tells a story that remains recognizable and typical Van Egdom. Prime!"
Jempie Welkenhuyzen, Boulevard in Attent Magazine.

"All breaks are loose, dog-hard stringtricks are not shun. Van Egdom's craftmanship goes absolutely without discussion. He can easily make the major league of fusion-jazz."
Paul vd Steen, Land van Weert on HYBRID GROOVE

" HYBRID GROOVE: The CULEA-KID, obstinate as ever, and talented and versatile, as his newlyborn Hybrid Groove, demonstrates.
Nothing less than jazz of personal cut, jazz with guts."


" HYBRID GROOVE: His melodies will haunt you!!!
Mick Boskamp in Replay on HYBRID GROOVE

Thank you!!! You gave me a nice day of listening pleasure...
Makes choosing very hard though...
I'm playing "Contessa" for the second time: beautiful, you can hear you're enjoying your sound...
"Walden Suite" from the "Corey Allen Project", just makes me happy...
The solo is a nice example of clean sound... And Venys Maternon is beautiful too...

IDO from, a dutch website on guitar..