emiel van egdom
production and services

If you need that
"know where to put the mic"...
"what does the room sound like"....
an high tech, modern, Pro Tools environment...
some of the world's best engineers that we can hire for you...
original composed music, arrangements, orchestrations...

audio and music production
CULEA Productions, a residential recording facility full of atmosphere, located on a gorgeous, rural 70 acres forest estate in Belgium dating back to 1614.
In addition to a full service recording studio complete with a live performance room, complete MIDI/Synthesizer station with the latest softsynths and samplers, that also does location sound for bands, video and film.
The facility is build around a MAC based AVID PROTOOLS HD 3 ACCEL system with a total of 32 inputs, 32 outputs, 192+ tracks, with all top brand mics available.
All major DAWs, MIDI, Softsynths and samplers are present.
Full studio music production services for bands and artists as well as multi-track live digital location recording are available.
In addition original composed music, arrangements, orchestrations written by Emiel van Egdom can be provided.

studio voice over and audio edit
sessions with a voice talent in front of a microphone,
in sound booths designed for our room,
together with our network of talent that can be the voice for your narrative.

In addition to broadcast quality voice-over recording,
we can also create soundscapes or even "radio ready" commercials complete with sound effects and audio processing with computer virtual editing. The final audio can be delivered in any tape or computer format.

Because of Emiel's extensive network in the US, it is possible to have a project mixed and mastered in Los Angeles, Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Tokyo, Buffalo or New York, or hire professionals from those music industry centers. These might be musicians, engineers, arrangers etc..
We will be happy to negotiate and/ or arrange it for you.

Lessons, clinics, workshops
Emiel van Egdom is available for private lessons, clinics, workshops in guitar, music theory: arranging, harmony, eartraining, composition.